Turn of the Golden Witch Vol. 4 is the fourth volume of Jirō Suzuki's manga adaptation of the Turn of the Golden Witch arc. It is the eighth overall volume of the manga series.

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With the six sacrifices of the first night claimed, Beatrice, the Golden Witch, turns her attention to selecting the sacrifices for the second night: the "Two Who Are Close." As the corpses begin to pile up, Battler struggles to disprove that the deaths can only be explained by the existence of magic, and the crafty Beatrice is using every strategy in her playbook to trip him up. Logic and truth perform an acrobatic dance in which a single misstep could spell certain death. Can Battler defeat Beatrice in this match of wits and wills? Or will he find himself kneeling at the witch's feet?!


Battler's Counterattack (戦人反撃 Batora Hangeki)Edit

The Wolves and Sheep Riddle (狼と羊のパズル Ōkami to Hitsuji no Pazuru)Edit

Vanishing Remains (遺体消失 Itai Shōshitsu)Edit

Unreaching Red (届かぬ赤 Todokanu Aka)Edit

Spirit Mirror (霊鏡 Reikyō)Edit


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