Turn of the Golden Witch Vol. 3 is the third volume of Jirō Suzuki's manga adaptation of the Turn of the Golden Witch arc. It is the seventh overall volume of the manga series.

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右代宮家親族会議に現れた顧問錬金術師と称する女、ベアトリーチェ。その姿は、島に住むと言われ肖像画に描かれている魔女・ベアトリーチェに生き写しであった。果たして魔女は実在するのか? そして起こる第一の惨劇。悪趣味に飾られ、鮮血に彩られた遺体の数は、六。奇しくもその数は、黄金郷へたどり着くための謎が秘められし碑文の一節「第一の晩に、鍵の選びし六人を生贄に捧げよ。」を想起させるものであった。この殺人は、誰が、何のために? 嵐により外界から途絶した孤島・六軒島は黄金の魔女に支配される。

Yen PressEdit

With help from the witch Beatrice, Shannon has enjoyed a budding romance with George Ushiromiya, her master's eldest grandson. As a servant of the Ushiromiya estate, Shannon is little more than furniture, but since her bargain with Beatrice, Shannon has never felt happier...or more human. Her brother and fellow servant, Kanon, is troubled by his sister's reliance on the with to reach beyond her lowly status. But when love begins to flutter in Kanon's heart, will he be tempted to abandon his station and take the witch's hand as well?


Chessboard Logic (チェス盤理論 Chesuban Riron)Edit

The Devil's Proof 1 (悪魔の証明 Akuma no Shōmei)Edit

The Devil's Proof 2 (悪魔の証明 2 Akuma no Shōmei Ni)Edit

Happy Halloween for Maria.Edit

Furniture's Blade (家具の刃 Kagu no Yaiba)Edit

New Rule (新しいルール Atarashii Rūru)Edit


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