The Goat Butlers (山羊の従者 Yagi no Jūsha?) are low level Furniture that serve Beatrice. There are many of them, but they are silent, with no personality. They obey their masters orders faithfully. Their sensitivity is closer to an animal's than a human's, and they sometimes misunderstand their orders surprisingly foolishly. By nature, they have a huge build like a minotaur, and incredible superhuman strength. They are low-leveled as Furniture, but can be very convenient as an inexhaustible supply of them can be summoned. They seem to be quite ravenous when eating, judging from how horribly mangled their victims become.

It is later revealed in Twilight of the Golden Witch that they are the personification of random opinions in the future, and all of them want the island's tale to be a tragedy. According to Erika, the Goats keep getting born from the sea of the internet. In total, they number in the hundreds of thousands.


Role in the GamesEdit

Turn of the Golden WitchEdit

They first appear in Turn of the Golden Witch, where Beatrice summons several to do battle with Kanon. Ultimately, Kanon defeats them, prompting Beatrice to summon Asmodeus and later Satan.

Once the epitaph's riddle comes to a close and Beatrice is revived, they await Beatrice's return. They devour Kinzo alive, and once Battler fails to gain Beatrice's approval, she leaves him to "entertain" the Goats. Many more pursue Rosa and Maria, where Rosa overpowers several of them. The Goats in the end prevail after Rosa breaks her ankle, although she still manages to take several of them out after Maria reloads her gun. It is shown that Rosa also managed to defeat several Goats with Maria's handbag, as it contains a heavy gold bar from the chapel.

Alliance of the Golden WitchEdit

When Krauss Ushiromiya and the other prisoners escape from the dungeon, Virgilia accompanies one of her Goats, who had found a shortcut. In order to escape, Krauss agrees to battle the Goat. Virgilia comments on how Krauss's strength was 6, while her Goat had a strength of 1000. However, Virgilia underestimated Krauss, and was too overconfident in her abilities. Krauss managed to overpower the Goat, and they escaped. In the battle, it can be noted that the Goat Bulters have consciousnesses, as the Goat was thinking about how he was going to get married if he won, and how hard he had worked.

Trivia Edit

  • In "The Battle of the Golden Land" and "Twilight of the Golden Witch", the demons speak in those chapters.
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