Satan (サタン Satan?) is the third sister of the Stakes of Purgatory, representing the demon Satan and the corresponding sin of Wrath. She first appears in Turn of the Golden Witch.

Profile Edit

High-quality Furniture created by Beatrice.

Satan takes on the role of the constantly-angry class president among the sisters.

She's always quick to scold people. which is why the other sisters are scared of her. For that reason, no one's ever willing to talk back to her, and she's actually quite lonely all the time.

She'll sometimes intentionally do things that ought to get her in trouble, but none of the sisters ever scold this lonely furniture back.

Appearance Edit

Satan has short, curly, beige hair, fair skin and big red eyes. Her clothes are the same as those of the other Stakes. She wears the One-Winged Eagle on her "skirt".

Personality Edit

Satan gets angry very easily and loudly berates her sisters for stepping out of line. However, Satan is also prone to getting frustrated when things don't go as planned.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Like the other Stakes of Purgatory, Satan has the ability to transform into a stake and fly at incredibly high speeds to gouge anybody. She can also manifest a purple sword.

Background Edit

Satan was summoned by Beatrice long ago to act as her furniture. Her vessel is that of an occultic stake set that Kinzo once bought.

From an anti-fantasy perspective, Satan was created as an imaginary friend by Yasuda and was based off of the servant Sanon.

Relationships Edit

Role in the Story Edit

Turn of the Golden Witch Edit

Satan is first summoned by Beatrice shortly after Jessica is killed by Asmodeus. She makes quick work of Kanon and gouges him in the chest.

Other Appearances Edit

Golden Fantasia Edit

Satan is not playable, however she appears in Ange and Lucifer's attacks and can be unlocked as a system voice.

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