Ronove (ロノウェ Ronowe?) is ranked twenty-seventh of the Great Demons of the 72 pillars. He works for a master in exchange for various forms of compensation. He currently has a contract with Beatrice as her butler (Head Furniture).

He has become proficient at housekeeping after serving in many households, so his ability as a butler is very high. In the high society of witches, employing him has a kind of status. Furthermore, the cookies he bakes are superb, and witches often form a line demanding them. He likely possesses tremendous magical power, but since he is always serving his master, his battle abilities are unknown.



Banquet of the Golden WitchEdit

Ronove makes his first appearance in Banquet of the Golden Witch. His main part in the story is being a sit in for Beatrice whenever Battler and Beatrice are fighting. Though he serves as Battler's opponent for some parts he is unable to make any moves without Beatrice's approval. Later in the story Ronove becomes EVA-Beatrice's Furniture after Eva solves the epitaph. He mainly only appears to inform her of Beato's wishes and to help her to become a great witch. When Kanon and Jessica are escaping he spots them and lets them escape while EVA-Beatrice is distracted with playing with Nanjo's corpse.


  • Ronove is based on Ronove, the Marquis and Great Earl of Hell who teaches Rhetoric languages. He also gives loyal servants and favor of friends and foes.
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