Rokkenjima (六軒島?, lit. "Six House Island") is a fictional island on which most of the action in Umineko no Naku Koro ni series takes place. It is small and secluded, lying just off the coast of Japan. Rokkenjima measures roughly 10km around and is covered mostly by forest, save for the mansion grounds as well as the grounds of a smaller, separate mansion. The design of the exterior of the main mansion's guest house is based on a mansion in Kyu-Furukawa Gardens in Kita, Tokyo.

Rokkenjima is owned by and home to the main branch of the extremely wealthy Ushiromiya family. In the past, it was once called Azukishima (小豆島?, lit. "Azuki Bean Island"), mispronunced from Akujikishima (悪食島?, lit. "Evil Appetite Island"), and was said to have dwelled by evil spirits until a travelling monk pacified the island by building a shrine on top of a rock. Kinzo Ushiromiya, the patriarch of the family, lives there with his eldest son Krauss and Krauss' immediate family. Once a year, the other members of the Ushiromiya family travel to Rokkenjima for an annual family meeting. The events of the 1986 meeting, during which everyone on Rokkenjima is killed in a series of bizarre murders, are a central focus of the visual novel series.

Notable LocationsEdit

Ushiromiya Main BuildingEdit

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Guest HouseEdit

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Beatrice's PortraitEdit

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VIP Room of the WitchEdit

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Rose GardenEdit

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  • Guest house
  • Mansion
  • Rose garden
  • Rokkenjima beach stairway
  • Rokkenjima beach
  • Rokkenjima
  • Servants room
  • Chapel interior
  • Witch's portrait
  • Chapel exterior (rain)
  • Vip room
  • Chapel door
  • Arbor
  • Archieve
  • Guest house parlor
  • Guest house bedroom 1
  • Guest house bedroom 2
  • Guest house bedroom 3
  • Guest room