Requiem of the Golden Witch is the third core arc and seventh episode of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru series.


The girls said: "Without love, it cannot be seen."

Things you become able to see with love. Things you become unable to see because of love.

By knowing love and believing in magic, the door to the Golden Land was opened.

However, the tale of love ends here. What will be told from now on is only a tale of cruel tragedy and harsh truth.

That is because the warped new game master wishes for dying screams of agony more than whispers of love....

Break through the illusions, stain your hands with the blood of tragedy, and tear out the heart of the Golden Witch!! That is the path to the "answers" you seek.

Due to the interference of bystanders, both the story and its points of view become ever more complex. When is reality? What is illusion? Which is production?

By whose will is this story truly being repeated?

The Witch's Illusion born of love will disperse at last. But what remains beyond it...?

The seventh game opens with the witch Bernkastel as the Game Master, ace inquisitor Willard H. Wright, a former first class archbishop of the redemption agency SSVD, as the detective in a world where Battler Ushiromiya does not make it to the conference. By Bernkastel's orders, Will is assigned to solve the mystery behind Beatrice's death on the island of Rokkenjima.

The seventh game introduces an alternate world where Natsuhi did not reject the child given to her by Kinzo nineteen years ago. As a result, the child, in actuality the child of Kinzo and his daughter by Beatrice Castiglioni, grew up to become Lion Ushiromiya, the undisputed heir to the Ushiromiya family. Because the child was not dropped off a cliff, the Golden Witch Beatrice does not exist.



The following characters are introduced in this arc:

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