"If I can't overcome this hardship then no one else can."
— Natsuhi as the final Ushiromiya head

Natsuhi Ushiromiya (右代宮 夏妃 Ushiromiya Natsuhi?) is Krauss Ushiromiya's wife. She manages the Ushiromiya family in the stead of her husband, who doesn't pay any attention to his household. She took charge of the preparations, the arrangements, and everything for this family meeting by herself.

She has a strong sense of responsibility, and is very proud. However, she is not understood by her husband and his siblings, so it can't be said that her situation is enviable.


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Natsuhi is a tall, middle-aged woman with fair skin and light brown eyes (her eyes were very dark brown, almost black, in the original series).

She wears a purple dress and green earrings. Her hair is brown, though many fans find the exact combination of its shades a bit strange. Her lower/head hair and her upper/ponytail hair are noticeably different shades of brown. In the novels, the ponytail actually seems to fade to red. Like most of the women, Natsuhi has an imposing figure, being both very slender and rather voluptuous.


Natsuhi is a very strict and serious woman who has been described as "stiff" by multiple characters. However, she hides a surprisingly short temper and tends to shout quite a bit. She is also very loyal and responsible, and tends to bottle up her feelings and write them down in her diaries so that she will forget about them rather than express herself.

Her strictness seem to have stemmed from grown up in a strict family as shown in Dawn of the Golden Witch manga where she had to wake up in the middle of the night to greet her father who had just returned home and her parents telling her to be a good wife before she gets married. She regrets not being able to build a good relationship with her daughter but does not know how. In contrast to Rosa's hot tempered treatment to her child's bad behaviour, she is cold when Jessica does something she is not pleased with.

Her biggest weakness will be her pride and will do anything to protect the family's honour and is even willing to sacrifice herself for the family head's honor. Because of her pride, she is unable to accept Yasu as it makes her feel shameful of being unable to conceive a child for many years. This is one reason why the possibility of her accepting the baby very low and thus making it a miracle. However, when she accepts the baby, she will give the baby as much love as her biological daughter so much that the baby never realized that she was not his/her real mother until someone tells them.

Natsuhi appears to be rather misfortunate, as she is disrespected by most of her family, frequently suffers from headaches, and is very often criticized by her rather snide sister-in-law, to the point where she is verbally abused by her in EP1 .

Role in the GamesEdit

Legend of the Golden WitchEdit

Natsuhi Ushiromiya is introduced in this arc as Krauss Ushiromiya's wife. She is shown to be a rather prideful woman with a short temper, keen on being the perfect host for the extended family who are visiting the annual family conference. She is also said to have a tendency for stress-induced headaches. Eva Ushiromiya humiliates Natsuhi as a "borrowed womb for bearing a successor" and states she has no right to speak about financial matters. This distresses Natsuhi who leaves the room in tears as the conflict between Eva and Natsuhi is introduced by Kumasawa. After the witch's letter arrives, a disbelieving Natsuhi is shown a golden ingot by Krauss in secrecy in order to convince her the legend of Kinzo Ushiromiya's gold was indeed the truth. Natsuhi is dismayed by how her husband hadn't told her this earlier and as she retires to her room for the night, she receives a scorpion charm from her daughter Jessica (given to her by Maria), which Natsuhi binds to her room's doorknob before she goes to bed.

The next morning, Natsuhi discovers her room's door covered in bloody handprints with the charm intact. She dismisses it as a prank, but is later shocked and pained when she is summoned to the site of the first set of murders and tries to keep the children away from there. After they realize Kinzo is also missing from his study, Natsuhi brings a rifle with her from his collection in order to use as self defense. Eva suspects Natsuhi for Kinzo's disappearance but Battler defends her. After Eva, Hideyoshi, Kinzo and Kanon's corpses were discovered, the remaining survivors barricade themselves in Kinzo's study. A suddenly appearing letter from Beatrice has Natsuhi suspecting the servants and Maria who are expelled from the study. After the three servants were found dead in the parlor, Natsuhi is seen leaving, reading a letter of challenge issued to her from Beatrice. As the two engage in a duel, the children are desperately search for her. As a gunshot ensues, the children follow the sound, only to find Natushi dead and crumpled on the floor.

She is one of the last survivors, found dead by Beatrice's painting.

She was found shot before the portrait of the Witch.

To challenge the Witch with a firearm, she had truly no idea of her proper place.
The outcome was obvious.

Turn of the Golden WitchEdit

In this chapter, the unexpected arrival of the guest Beatrice has the siblings hounding Natsuhi and her husband, only to discover they hadn't invited her. That night, she gathers along with the other family members in the chapel and they all acknowledge Beatrice's existence. The next morning, she and the other siblings are discovered in the chapel as sacrifices for the first twilight, unconscious with their stomachs ripped open and stuffed with candy.

Having died early on in the story, Natsuhi doesn't play a significant role in this chapter. However, George, Gohda and Shannon revisit her corpse in the chapel to obtain the key to her room and use her spirit mirror in order to defend themselves against the witch.


Her corpse was found inside the chapel. The immediate cause of death is uncertain, but it seems her stomach was cut open and her intestines were pulled out after her death. And also, sweets were stuffed into her stomach.

I said it, right? That sweets are stuffed into her stomach.

Banquet of the Golden WitchEdit

Natsuhi plays a very minor role in this chapter. She tries to be involved as the other family members solve the epitaph, but she is unable to be of any help and only stands around listening and remarking in confusion. She and Krauss are eventually killed by the Chiester Sisters on the order of EVA-Beatrice, soon after Eva Ushiromiya leaves the room to wash her face and make some coffee. Their corpses are later discovered in the arbor by the rose garden.


Her corpse was found in the arbor of the rose garden. It is assumed that the cause of death was strangling with a thin object. A stake-shaped weapon was sticking out of her calf.

Why follow the epitaph in the first place? A game?

Alliance of the Golden WitchEdit

Natsuhi again doesn't play any significant role in this chapter. After the siblings confront her and Krauss on whether Kinzo was dead or alive, they are all confronted by Kinzo in the dining hall, where he summons Ronove, Gaap and the Chiester Sisters, announcing his ceremony to revive Beatrice. Natsuhi is killed as one of the very first sacrifices for the first twilight and is only mentioned afterwards as Battler is surveying her corpse in the aftermath.


Her body was found in the dining hall. Her head was half destroyed. It is probably appropriate to think that she was murdered with something like a powerful gun.

However, the witnesses don't believe that she was killed with a gun...

End of the Golden WitchEdit

She is alive by the time of the game's suspension.

Natsuhi is the most unfortunate character in the fifth game as her past is revealed. Krauss, her husband, is kidnapped and her daughter, Jessica, is killed. She is suspected in the witch's court and Erika Furudo's Detective Declaration as a culprit. While Battler cannot disprove this theory, he is able to create another one in which the man from 19 years ago is the culprit; Battler suggests that he himself is the man from 19 years ago. (This is false however, as it's revealed in the 8th game that he is truly Kyrie and Rudolf's son). She is also physically abused by Eva Ushiromiya, who followed Erika's accusation and believed Natsuhi had murdered her son

At the end of the chapter, Natsuhi breaks down crying and reveals her sin from 19 years ago. 

Dawn of the Golden WitchEdit

Natsuhi doesn't play any significant role in this chapter as she is chosen as one of the sacrifices for the first twilight. Her body is discovered in her own room. It is later revealed that she was only pretending to play dead as a part of a big prank, but Erika Furudo had murdered her in retaliation.

Natsuhi later appears in the tea party at Battler and Beatrice's wedding where she grudgingly accepts Jessica and Kanon's union.


Her body was found in her own room.

Erika didn't perform a detailed examination.

Certain Death

Her neck was completely severed by a blade.

Perfect kind of corpse. Impossible to be mistaken on an autopsy and being perfectly capable of being identified.

Requiem of the Golden WitchEdit

Rokkenjima MassacreEdit


When the siblings were given the ten tons of gold and also a cash card worth 1 billion yen the siblings began to argue over it. Krauss tells his brother and sisters that the only way to exchange the money is through him, Natsuhi agrees to this but starts to become desperate as the argument continues. The argument became very heated and Eva tries to convince everyone that they already have enough money on the cash card. Natsuhi becomes frantic and runs at Eva who accidentally shoots her in the head, hitting her eye, starting the massacre shown in the Tea Party.

Twilight of the Golden WitchEdit

Died on the 2nd Twilight of Bernkastel's game.


  • Her name means "summer consort".
  • Natsuhi is descended from a line of Shinto priests, and her spirit mirror (which can deter or harm Beatrice) is a family heirloom.
  • She, along with Krauss and the servants, is privy to the secret that Kinzo has in fact died two years before the family conference, leading others in the family to suspect her in the murders.
  • She is the only character shown to have committed murder before the events of the story.
  • Her birthday is 7/30 and her blood type is A.
  • She shares her voice actress with Sailor Jupiter. Coincidentally, Rosa's voice actor has also voiced Sailor Jupiter.
    • Her daughter's voice actress has also played a green magical girl, as Marina Inoue voiced Cure March in Smile! Pretty Cure.
  • It is stated by Eva Ushiromiya that she is three years older than Natsuhi in Legend of the Golden Witch.


  • "Jessica is a daughter who I wouldn't let go of even for ten billion yen. In that sense, I believe she has a value that can't be counted with money."
  • "You can't determine the contents of a cat box that can't be opened no matter how many people you have with you."

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