The Mariage Sorcière (マリアージュ・ソルシエール Mariāju Sorushiēru?, lit. "Married Witches" in French) is a group of magic-recognizing people, founded by Maria Ushiromiya and Beatrice.


An alliance of witches formed by the Witch of Origins, Lady MARIA, and the Endless Witch, Lady Beatrice.

From them, a groundbreaking magical compendium was created, and Beatrice, whose magical power had declined, was given an immense new magical power.

You could probably say that through the formation of the alliance, Beatrice gained the Endless Power in true sense.

The first clause was that witches accept each other, and respect each other's magic.
At one point, young Ange was invited into the alliance, but she was later excommunicated.


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