"We're nothing more, than the witch's pieces. Nothing more.. Nothing more.. "
— Kanon

Kanon (嘉音?), known also by his real name Yoshiya (嘉哉?) - which is later revealed to be a false name, is a young servant. He handles his work in silence, but he is sullen and his appraisal is not high. He and Shannon are among a number of servants who work on Rokkenjima and possess character "音" (on or ne) in their pseudonym and are permitted to bear the Ushiromiya crest upon their uniforms; however, only Kanon and Shannon are on duty during the events on Rokkenjima.

Kanon thinks of Shannon as his elder sister and highly disapproves of her feelings for George Ushiromiya, as he believes she should not feel love as she is only Furniture. He also denies any human emotions in himself because he thinks of himself as only Furniture. This brought problems to him later since he has a crush on Jessica Ushiromiya. He was created to be a little brother to Shannon and also as a way for her to vent all her negative emotions. He is the final persona of Sayo Yasuda.



Kanon appears to be a very weak and frail boy with medium-length dark gray hair and blue eyes. He wears a black shirt with a purple bow in the middle and red shorts. He also wears stripped socks, brown shoes and his signature red hat.


Kanon is a serious and fervent servant, carrying out his master's orders thoroughly. He is also a bit frail and antisocial.

Meta-World ProfileEdit

At the present time, he is the latest furniture Kinzo created. Because of the experience that had been accumulated so far, he fulfilled his specifications with nothing to criticize. Kanon also received a heart, but it turned out rather weak compared to Shannon's.

Having felt some danger to himself in his last years because of his fortune, Kinzo gave Kanon some precious fighting and protecting powers. However, Kanon hasn't matured and is unable to control his own power and speed.

Role in the GamesEdit

Legend of the Golden WitchEdit


Was found in the boiler room, with an ice-pick type murder weapon piercing his chest.

True Death

It is later revealed in the manga that Kanon faked his death in the boiler room. He later dies along with everyone else on the tenth twilight after killing Natsuhi.  

Turn of the Golden WitchEdit


The witch erased his corpse just for fun. Just by that, they made everyone go crazy. If things that exist are of the human world, things that do not exist are certainly illusions. The illusions project the things they are afraid of.


There's no corpse. But he died. The witch declared so in red. So, even without the corpse, his death is certain.

True Death

He was the murderer of Jessica, and escaped the room afterwards. Sayo, playing Shannon persona, commits suicide in Natsuhi's room after killing George and Gohda. Kanon's "death" can be declared in red because Kanon as a "persona" of Sayo died, not Sayo herself. 

Banquet of the Golden WitchEdit


His corpse was found in the chapel. The weapon is assumed to be a gun or spear shaped object. For Kanon, the chapel. Now that he's dead, let him continue to protect the place important to the Lord.

True Death

Sayo faked his and Shannon's deaths and pretended to be dead in the parlor. After murdering George, Sayo continued pretending until everyone was gone. Afterwards, Sayo murdered Nanjo and met with Jessica under the Kanon persona. It can be assumed that Kanon died with Jessica when the bomb went off.

Alliance of the Golden WitchEdit


Battler was not able to find his body. No matter how he's killed with magic, without a corpse, he's a definite suspect. This is truly anti-fantasy. Therefore, I will guarantee his death with the red truth. This is truly anti-mystery...!

True Death

He was the murderer of Jessica. In fourth twilight, Sayo killed Kanon as a persona, and proceeded to murder all the rest, mostly dressed as Shannon.

End of the Golden WitchEdit

Alive by the time of game suspension.

Dawn of the Golden WitchEdit


Died on the second twilight.

True Death

Sayo, dressed as Shannon, went to rescue Battler in the closed room. She played Kanon's role with him and they changed places. Sayo hid in the closet while Erika was distracted, and then played Shannon's role once again. With this, Kanon's persona was "killed".

Requiem of the Golden WitchEdit


While under the guise of Beatrice he was "shot" by Kyrie and survived. He later on committed suicide as shown in Twilight of the Golden Witch

Twilight of the Golden WitchEdit

During Bernkastel's game he disappears after Shannon is killed.


  • Kanon's personality, came from being used as an outlet for Sayo's negative feelings and also as someone that Sayo could pretend to be so she could test out what it felt like to be male because of the doubts about her body. This brought her modest amount of mental stability. Genji and Kumasawa strongly supported this game. In addition Kanon became a reminder of being Kinzo's offspring after the truth was revealed to her.
  • Yū Kobayashi is the same seiyuu (voice actor) of Satoshi Hōjō of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.
  • His true name, Yoshiya, actually has a secret meaning.
    • It is possible that one reading of his name could mean 16 which is possibly a reference to the true number of people on Rokkenjima.
    • "Yoshiya" is also "Sayo" flipped around, with an "ai" (meaning "love") in it. Indeed, without love, it can't be seen.
  • In Dawn of the Golden Witch, it is revealed that Kanon was on good terms with Kinzo. When the family isn't around, he could turn unbelievably childish or ask Kanon to take a part in his strange pranks. In addition, Kinzo allows Kanon to shoot with his guns a lot. This is further elaborated on in "Confession of the Golden Witch" and that reason was because Kinzo saw the scar on his foot. 
  • His birthday is 10/6 and his blood type is O. Of course, 10/6 is not Sayo's true birthday, merely the day when Sayo "created" Kanon.


  • "I'm a little doubtful that the same trick will work twice."
  • "Don't screw up."
  • "I'm an idiot."
  • "We're powerless because we're furniture."
  • "I never realized that a lie you make yourself could be so sad, so painful, so excruciating!"
  • "Love is quite a difficult thing to stick to, isn't it?"
  • "In love, if you do not fight, you fall into hell."
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