"A furniture normally stands by the side of its master in silence without intruding or giving opinions. When the master needs it, it reliably fulfills its role only by the necessary amount. I serve everyday thinking a servant also should be like that."
— Episode 8, Chapter 2

Genji Ronoue (呂ノ上 源次 Ronoue Genji?) is the head butler who manages the servants who work under the Ushiromiya family. He is the one who has served Kinzo the longest, and has obtained his greatest trust.

Since he is Kinzo's immediate servant, he is thought of as Kinzo's spy by Krauss and his wife.


Genji is of Chinese descent. He appears as a tanned, slim and old man with short white hair and wears a butler uniform with the One-Winged Eagle Crest. He is quite tall, has a light skin complexion and black eyes. In the manga, as a young man, he had jet black hair falling down his shoulders with rather curly bangs falling down his eyes. He usually keeps his hair tied up with a ribbon.


In the past, he shared a rivalry with Kinzo. According to Kinzo, even though he was a serious and silent individual, he was a schemer who would shamelessly scam others. In present times, he was still stoic but strict, as was expected of the chief butler. He is also very devoted to Kinzo for having helped him in the past.


Role In the GamesEdit

Legend of the Golden WitchEdit


Genji died by the 'Sixth Twilight' of the Witch's Epitaph:

At the sixth twilight, gouge the stomach and kill.

He was found in the parlour, with an ice-pick type murder weapon piercing his stomach and his face destroyed.

Turn of the Golden WitchEdit


This unselfish furniture seeks nothing but rest in the Golden Land. However, since a fool obstinately blocks the Golden Land, his rest is extremely unlikely to come for now. Afterwards, he was torn to pieces and eaten by the demons, and went to hell.

Banquet of the Golden WitchEdit


His body was found in the honored guests room on the second floor. The weapon is assumed to be a gun or a spear-shaped object. Genji worked for many years of service, so the family let him sleep in the honored guest's room.

Alliance of the Golden WitchEdit


His body was found in the dining hall. His head was half destroyed. It is probably appropriate to think that he was murdered with something like a powerful gun. However, the witnesses don't believe that he was killed with a gun.

End of the Golden WitchEdit


His body was discovered in the servants' room on the first floor of the mansion.

The direct cause of death is unknown, but his neck was slashed open by a sharp knife. The wound is very deep, so anyone can easily see that he definitely died.

Dawn of the Golden WitchEdit

Alive by the time of game suspension

Requiem of the Golden WitchEdit


Was killed offscreen by Kyrie.

Twilight of the Golden WitchEdit

Was killed on the First Twilight



  • "I have lived a full life."
  • "The Master is a man who sometimes has the wisdom to see a thousand years into the future. However, there are times when that appears to be nothing more than madness to commoners such as myself."
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