"The truly terrifying thing is the hell into which falls the unsleeping ghosts who cannot win yet cannot die."
— Furfur and Zepar

Furfur (フルフル Furufuru?) is the thirty-fourth highest ranking earl of Hell and is Zepar's twin. Given the circumstances of the twins' gender, Furfur is suggested to be female since it is stated in the TIPS that Furfur is of the opposite gender of the ambiguously male Zepar. Furfur always appears in unison with Zepar when summoned, and has the power to cultivate emotions. Furfur can also grant an inexhaustible offensive power to those who contract them.



Furfur has mid-length, red hair and wears a brightly-colored dress.

Dawn of the Golden WitchEdit

The first time Furfur and Zepar are seen is when Shannon and George challenge Kanon and Jessica for the love gold butterfly brooch which can grant love to one of the two couples. Furfur and Zepar call for Beatrice the original owner of the brooch to supervise the challenge. Noticing that there are two Beatrices, the twins make jokes about it, and then allow "chick Beatrice" to take part at the challenge to win Battler's heart.

The first part of the love trial is solved with Beatrice's victory and the two demons let happily join Battler to the challenge by Beatrice's side. After the trial is over Zepar and Furfur give the brooch to the winning couple and bless their young love.

Requiem of the Golden WitchEdit

In Requiem, Furfur and Zepar appear as two actors on the stage of the show presented by Clair Vaux Bernardus. They mainly comment on what Clair has shown and interview all the characters of the story one-by-one. As previously hinted in Dawn, it is confirmed by Will that Furfur and Zepar were added to the previous game and to Requiem to enlarge the mystery about Beatrice's gender, so in a way the two demons are also connected to Beatrice.

Ougon Musou KyokuEdit

Furfur and twin sibling Zepar appear in Ougon Musou Kyoku as options for system voices, being able to announce every match and guide the player through menus. Their sprites can be seen when their voices are unlocked, in the opening video and in the menu for multiplayer lobby matches.



  • "Love is generous, love is merciful!"
  • "Oh, how great is the power of love! Love is everything!"
  • "Yes, love is magnificent! Those with our blessings cannot be killed!"
  • "Yes. Love is a fight."
  • Fufur: "Hey, there are two Beatos!"
    Zepar: "Well, there are two of us as well!"
  • Zepar: "Where am I? And who am I?"
    Fufur: "Well, it doesn't really matter as long as I am loved wherever I go!"
  • Zepar:"And what did Kinzo say?"
    Furfur: "Oh, we all know what he said!"
    Zepar and Furfur: "OH, BEATRIIIIICE!!"
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