Chiester 556 (シエスタ556 Shiesuta Gogoroku?) is a quiet girl who is always teased by everybody, due to the fact that she is loved by everyone. The trumpet is her specialty. Everyone skips to her lovely tone.

This Chiester 556's description in the episode 4 tips, that appears once you Execute the other Chiesters:

A weapon of the Sisters' Cavalry, which serves Pendragon. 556 was a quiet and teased character, but she was loved by everyone. However, her luck was always bad, and she met a tragic end in battle with the Black Witch. She was the latest style of weapon, and unique in the Sisters' Cavalry, which had a strong tint as an honor guard. 556 was in charge of squad fire support. She shot not to kill, but to protect her allies.

556 thanks everyone constantly, so that she would have no regrets of not saying it should they be suddenly separated.


Umineko no Naku Koro ni

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Role in the Games

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Death of Chiester 556

In Alliance of the Golden Witch, it is revealed that Rosa took one of Maria's bunny figures and smashed it in the weeks before the family meeting. Considering Maria spoke of her mother's bad side as "the evil witch" and Rosa was in "that" state of mind when she broke it and in Twilight of the Golden Witch it is indirectly confirmed that the bunny Rosa smashed was Chiester 556.


  • Like the other Chiester Sisters, 556 was named after a firearm round, here being the 5.56×45mm NATO assault rifle round.