Kawabata (川畑 Kawabata?) is the captain of the speedboat that went to and from Rokkenjima. He is the one who takes Ange to Rokkenjima.



Captain Kawabata wears a dark green cap, white shirt, and blue vest.

Main Profile

Kawabata is the captain of a high-speed boat that sends the Ushiromiya family to Rokkenjima back and forth. After the murder incident on Rokkenjima, Kawabata held himself partially responsible for being unable to pick up the family sooner, in spite of the typhoon that otherwise prevented him from doing so.

Alliance of the Golden Witch

In 1998, he agrees to bring Ange to Rokkenjima in the hopes of finding closure.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

In the trick end, is killed by Ange, thinking he was intenting to kill her.


  • His name contains the kanji for "river".
  • According to Answer to the Golden Witch, his name is a homage to a long-existing family line in Leaf, a PC game-maker software.
  • Kawabata actually appears since EP1, has the captain of the boat that takes the family to Rokkenjima, but it was not until EP4 that he got an actual portrait and a name. Subsequent appearances of him use his actual portrait.