"How foolish it is to study without knowing the meaning of studying."
— Belphegor talking about Ange's classmates.

Belphegor (ベルフェゴール Berufegōru?) is the hard-working and sensible fourth sister of the Stakes of Purgatory. Represents the demon Belphegor and the corresponding sin of Sloth.



She has long, dark hair in a ponytail, a fair skin and big red eyes. Her clothes are the same as those of the other Stakes. She wears the one-winged eagle on her "skirt".


Belphegor is advanced-level Furniture created by Beatrice. She can act by her own will, but she cannot disobey the orders of her master. She is quite powerful while in her human form, but when she returns to her true form as Stake of Purgatory and fly at her enemy at high speed, she shows her full, terrifying potential.

Belphegor is well trusted and known for being a reticent, serious, and responsible piece of furniture. However, this is all because of her demonic desire to turn her masters into useless, lazy pigs. In this sense, she might be the most demon-like of all the sisters. She is serious to a fault, and not at all comfortable with being the one treated kindly instead of the other way around.


Belphegor appears regularly when summoned alongside her sisters. She is later called by EVA-Beatrice to kill Rudolf during the third game. She is defeated and retreats. When Ange has her breakdown, Belphegor stays back until only her, Mammon, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus are left. There she begs Ange to stop, but is ultimately cast away with the others, leaving only Mammon to comfort Ange.