Banquet of the Golden Witch is the third installment of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni series. It was released on August 16, 2008.


Good morning. I'm surprised that you still haven't been made to surrender. The Golden Witch is very much expecting you.

I wonder if you have already noticed this world's structure. There can be no contest without knowing the rules. Please, enjoy the Witch's game to your heart's content.

The difficulty is equal. Equal for both you and the Witch.

Plot Summary

In this arc, the residents of the island focus more on solving the riddle of the epitaph rather than on who is carrying out the murders on the island and how, which leads to the introduction of a new character who interferes with the game between Battler and Beatrice. Other new characters include Ronove, Virgilia, and the Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps, all of whom contribute to the development of magical details. This chapter sheds light on the pasts of Eva and Beatrice, and for the first time someone survives the Rokkenjima Mass Murder Incident.



The following characters are introduced in this arc:

Ushiromiya Family



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