追加TIPS あるウィッチハンターの取材テープ

Extra TIPS: A Certain Witch-Hunter's Interview Tape

~"First part omitted"~


『The previous head-of-house was only a junior-grade officer during the war who held no special power, but because he was proficient at English he was able to make strong connections with the occupying forces after the war and obtained great influence and connections. Because of this, it's rumored that he obtained gold from the US army.』

~Omitted~ [1]


「And in the case of the acquisition of Rokkenjima, did he also use the power of the GHQ?」[2]


『Yes. After the war, the previous head rapidly stocked up assets and behind the scenes there was always a huge connection with the GHQ. In the following Korean War he quicky obtained military intelligence and was the wealthy person that was most often requested to provide emergency supplies/demands (war related), so it is said. 』



「Then as I thought, the previous head was only a gambler who won a once-in-a-lifetime bet, and the legend of the gold is just an illusion.」


『I don't know. Maybe, if the previous head's gold is exposed to the light of day, it will amount to nothing more than an illusion.....And yet, Maruso's[3] chairman was certainly a bold man, but he was not the kind of careless man to trust a business partner unconditionally.』



『At the same time as the chairman was dying, this is a story told by his closest teacher.



The chairman was originally going to invest 40% of his wealth among all the factions, but ended up selfishly investing only 10%. This 10%, in other words, 10% of 10 tons of gold, was 1 ton, which presently I am holding onto in trust. 』

「1 ton of gold bars, is that so. Doesn't that come out to 100 million yen in today's values?」

『Those gold bars were originally intended to be given back to the previous head, but it is said they were temporarily put in the chairman's spending money



In the arrangement of inheiritance after the chairman seemed headed towards his death, there was only one point of evidence which supported the existence of "the previous head's gold". It was the appearance of a 10 kg single ingot. This was probably presented as some kind of commemoration, I think. 』


「Without the chairman's cooperation, there's no way he could have obtained the other power-brokers' trust (belief in the gold). In regards to that, think it was some kind of reward or thanks」

『I think so. But, after that, it seems the gold was unfortunately lost. The photos disappeared as well, but among family and other persons involved there are many eye witnesses (of the gold)』



『Well, in this world there are many proofs that cannot be demonstrated by "things", right. You, do you love your wife? 』

「Sorry, I'm single.」


『You see, a wedding ring is proof that you've taken a mutual, everlasting vow of love. But even so, there are still affairs and adultery right? Whether you and your spouse still mutually love each other or not, if you exclaim "show me proof!", isn't that itself is proof that your love has disappeared?』

「I suppose it does.」

『かみさんが、愛してるって繰り返してくれるその言葉を、男は鵜呑みにするしかないわけよ。きっとかみさんもそう。毎朝、50になっても60になっても、 朝はキスから始まるわけ。でも、それは単なる習慣に過ぎず、愛はとっくにさめてるなんて言われたら、もうどうにもならない。』

『A man has no choice to but swallow his wife's repetition of the words "I love you". Surely it's the same for the wife. Every morning, when you turn 50, when you turn 60, the repetition starts in the morning after a kiss. But, that's nothing but a simple habit. If you say that the love's long gone, it won't amount to anything.』


「"Without love, nothing can be seen", is it? 」


『Oh, it seems you know that phrase. Yes, it's exactly that. For the people who didn't stop respecting and believing in the chairmain, they certainly could see the 10 tons of gold. The people whom the chairman and previous head didn't an interest in could not see it. Isn't that the way it is?』



『The truth about Rokkenjima which you guys seek, something like that already doesn't exist anymore. It's been a long time since then, all the evidence has disappeared. .....So, you guys should just decide things as you like.



Before you try to find out what happened, you need evidence. I mean, if you try to know what they were thinking, won't you'll inevitably be able to know what happened?.』

「You mean, "Turn over the chessboard", right?」

『What is that?』

「Ah, nevermind. In short, it means "to read your opponent's move". You could say, to feel out your enemy's thought process.」

『Ahh, is that what it means. Yes, that's fine too. The previous head and those he had connections with, what were they thinking, and how did they want to live their lives? if you can wrap your head around that, you need not struggle towards the truth.』


「"Without love, nothing can be seen"? 」

『はっはは、またキザなこと言うねぇ。それでもいいや。おかしな金持ちが、どんな馬鹿げたことをしたかったのか。そういう考えじゃ視えるわけもない。金持 ちは奇人変人で何を考えてるか分からないという、色眼鏡を外してね?1人の人間として考えてみることをお勧めしますよ。それくらいでいいですかね?これく らいお付き合いすれば、私の幼馴染の顔は立つんじゃないですかね?』

『Ha,haha. You're being pretentious, aren't you. That's fine. A mysterious rich man, what ridiculous things did he want to do? It can't be seen with those kinds of thoughts either. ISaying you can't understand what an eccentric, oddball, gold-possessing man was thinking - take off those rose-colored glasses! I'll recommend the things you try to think as a single human existence. Are you okay with only that? If you only go with that association, could you know my childhood friend's face?』 [4]

「Thank you very much. After I prepare the transcript, I will send it to you, so please check it over. 」

『No need, no need. It's bothersome to check it over so just publish it as-is. No matter what gets glossed over, if a person with ill will hears it, they will come up with a spiteful interpretation. Just, please give me a psuedonym. Because that was the condition under which I talk to you in the first place. 』

「Yes, I'm aware. Thank you again for today. 」

『You're welcome. Will you stop the tape now? No matter how many times I do it, audio recording is.....[5].

  1. TL: implies lines were omitted and cut from the recorded interview tape.
  2. TL Note: For those of you who aren't caught up with your postwar Japanese history, GHQ is a common abbreviation for General Headquarters and was a blanket term for the occupying forces
  3. TL note: Maruso is some kind of company? I've never heard of it before, is it referenced elswhere in Umineko?
  4. TL note: no IDEA what that last sentence means
  5. TL note: if anyone knows what that last word means, be my guest