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Okay, re-uploaded. This one should be a lot smoother, so let's see how it goes. Everything's up now, but I'm still always going back as I get to see the arcs myself to fix any parts I got wrong. As always, if you see a mistake, just mention it in the comments or send me a PM, and I'll fix it pronto.

Thanks to livejournal's lijianliang and escargotage for correcting some errors I had. Also thanks to Youtube's LegendPst, who helped me with another biggie. Also, special thanks to victorialau95, whose video I referenced a few times in the process of translating.

As always, I wish I could do art or sing this well, but I can't. Nor can I write as wonderful a series as Umineko. I am a humble translator. I make no money off this, nor do I have any plans to. I own nothing except for my computer, which I hug lovingly when I am not smacking it.

Right, more crediting. I wish I could even just say that I am the source of the beautiful download quality, but unfortunately, I cannot. That credit would go here:

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